Dr. Hsien-Da Huang, professor

Gene Information

The detailed information of selected gene

 Gene Symbol AKT2 LinkOut: [ Entrez Gene ; BioGPS ; Wikipedia ; iHop ] 
 Full Name v-akt murine thymoma viral oncogene homolog 2 
 Gene Type protein-coding 
 Location Chromosome 19: 45,428,064 - 45,483,105 (Gene length=55042 bps.) reverse strand  LinkOut: [ UCSC Genome Browser ] 
 Maplocation 19q13.1-q13.2 
 Organism Homo sapiens 

The transcripts of selected gene might be regulated by miRNAs

PART I: the table view of miRNAs can target on which transcripts of the gene

 Transcript ID  hsa-miR-16   hsa-miR-15a   hsa-miR-17*   hsa-miR-24   hsa-miR-29b   hsa-let-7a   hsa-miR-224 

PART II: the graphical view of the gene's protein function might be potentially regulated by miRNAs

PART III: Result data with excel format for download

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The graphical view of the relative regulation between alternative splicing and miRNA targeting


Alternative Splicing (AS) type