Dr. Hsien-Da Huang, professor


MicroRNA Target prediction (miRTar) is a tool that enables biologists easily to identify the biological functions and regulatory relationships between a group of known/putative miRNAs and protein coding genes. It also provides perspective of information on the miRNA targets on alternatively spliced transcripts.

miRTar supports four major features:


  Mature miRNA sequence
Targets To
  Target Gene

miR-148 targets human DNMT3b protein coding region.   Downregulation of CCND1 and CDK6 by miR-34a induces cell cycle arrest.
miRNA: hsa-miR-148a   miRNA: hsa-miR-34a
Genes: DNMT3b   Genes: CCND1;CCND3;CDC25A;CDK6
MFE ≤ -14 Kcal/mol
Alignment score ≥ 140             PubMed ID: 18367714
  MFE ≤ -7 Kcal/mol
Alignment score ≥ 120             PubMed ID: 18406353
MicroRNAs 17-5p-20a-106a control monocytopoiesis through AML1 targeting and M-CSF receptor upregulation.   A single anti-microRNA antisense oligodeoxyribonucleotide (AMO) targeting multiple microRNAs offers an improved approach for microRNA interference.
miRNA: hsa-miR-20a;hsa-miR-17;hsa-miR-106a   miRNA: hsa-miR-133a;hsa-miR-155;hsa-miR-17;
MFE ≤ -10 Kcal/mol
Alignment score ≥ 140             PubMed ID: 17589498
  MFE ≤ -7 Kcal/mol
Alignment score ≥ 120             PubMed ID: 19136465